Feel electrified with Rutilated Quartz

Despite the mist and November downpours, Jorg’s Goldsmith Studio is sizzling with the energy of Rutilated Quartz, feeling almost electrified. Jorg has had two requests this week to design and create a ring using this powerful gemstone.  Everyone knows Quartz is programmable and can be used to magnify the energy of practically any intention. But did you know that the … Read More

Jorg and AnneFeel electrified with Rutilated Quartz

Explore a secret garden.

If you fancy a break from the beach this weekend then grab the opportunity to take a stroll in a secret garden in Baltimore, West Cork where you can gain access to several private gardens that are not normally open to the public as part of the Baltimore Secret Gardens Weekend. The €10 charge goes to local charities. Enjoy!

Jorg and AnneExplore a secret garden.

Join Glandore in Celebrating our maritime heritage!

For all you boat enthusiasts check out Glandore Classic Boat Summer School the weekend of 12th and 13th July featuring themes of maritime, coastal community, environment, heritage and of course the boats with their associated industry and traditions. Glandore is well known for its biennial Classic Regatta attracting beautiful boats from Ireland and abroad to its picturesque anchorages. So take … Read More

Jorg and AnneJoin Glandore in Celebrating our maritime heritage!

Swimming with porpoises in crookhaven harbour

What a morning of excitment. We came out to have our breakfast on the pier and Dermot from O’Sullivans Bar ran out with his binoculars to show us  the harbour porpoises. Two groups of them having great fun. So I ran into the flat, put on my wetsuit and swam out towards them. It was amazing to be at their … Read More

Jorg and AnneSwimming with porpoises in crookhaven harbour